Sun of the Beach 2019

TV report, oy yeah!
Deutsche Frisbee-Elite trifft sich in Warnemünde – NDR Nordmagazin

Finally, after one year of abstinence, we’ve hosted our beloved beach tournament again at last. A sunny and warm late summer day on Saturday was followed by a tiny breeze with a drizzle on Sunday. Perfect conditions to show off throwing skills – or huck and deee!
Everybody was in a very good mood, enjoyed swimming, the extraordinary funfair at the party and of course the tasty beer on the beach! Beside that, we managed to mount a youth hat tournament and we were very impressed by all the spirited and talented players. We hope to welcome even more next year! Furthermore, a television reportage from NDR Mecklenburg-Vorpommern about beach ultimate and the game between Endzonis and Funaten can be seen below.
Congratulation to Quattro Stazioni beating Catch’em All in the final and to Huskies from Berlin for winning the Spirit!
Lots of Love

1st: Quattro Stazioni
2nd: Catch ‚em all
3rd: DiscKick Ultimate Frisbee Berlin

Beerrace: Quattro Stazioni
Party: SECCOnixen
Spirit: Ultimate Huskies Berlin